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Has anyone integrated Stripe checkout?

I was looking into it, and it seems like it’s easy to customize a form or embed the code, but lost at integrating at the PHP level. Anyone look into this or have a good resource? Thanks.


Hi Frank,

I’m having the same issue.

Did you ever managed to make it work?


I never figured it out @Mintaras I ended up using this:

Which offered easier embed code.

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didn’t know about them… will add to my “list” to potentially utilize.

cool. they do recurring subscriptions too.

It’s very easily done when you’ve got running.[I did mine with angular.js includes in WF] If you manage to get that up, meaning users being able to register and all that, stripe integration is peanuts. :smile:

note: snappycheckout seems more able to handle recurring payments.

so basically no help.

what’s the deal with this, how do we setup our forms to not use the “name” in the inputs, stripe doesn’t allow that?