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Hamburger Nav Button Design Problems

I am having mildly frustrating issues getting the hamburger nav menu to open as a drop down from the button and more so the issue of designing the button and drop down menu.

No matter which section I have selected I cannot adjust the size of the boxes, I would like the width to be less wide as the nav text does not require the drop down take up almost half the phone screen width.

Additionally the states and colors of the hamburger button seem to reject any purposeful changes and even revert to colors they were before sometimes randomly.

I would like to simply make the hamburger menu background color the same as the nav bar until it is pressed and then it is white along with the drop down menu background color. I would also like to have the drop down come down from the bottom position of the hamburger button since its default seems to want to cover up the button and come down from the top of the page.

Help appreciated!

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Thanks yeah… I am aware thats how its supposed to work and I thought I had explained it clearly that the behavior of the webflow interface and the effects it having were inconsistent.

This video did not help to solve my issues.