Issue with navbar on smaller viewports

In my nav bar module, the nav bar works fine on desktop, but on tablet and below it is wonky. On mobile, the hamburger module is not working properly. It will not release a drop-down menu on mobile. On turned mobile irl the drop down menu is not entirely visible and will not allow you to see links below the screen nor scroll down. Idk if this fully explains the question but please help. All the links are working perfectly on desktop. On vertical mobile the other icons and the hamburger menu move but the drop down does not drop when the hamburger is pressed.

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The reason why the navbar looks wonky on tablet and below is because your logo and buttons takes up the whole width of the navbar and therefore the menu button breaks into a new row.

Also the reason why your drop-down doesn’t work is because you have 2 menu buttons in your elements panel. Remove one of them.

Hi! I modified the second menu button by deleting it (it was on hide before) but the problem persists. The drop-down menu still does not appear for mobile and for tablet and below it glitches by not showing the full menu or allowing the user to scroll down on the menu.

Reset the overflow value on mobile.