Hamburger Menu Content Cutting off

Hello Webflow friends!

My dropdown menu in mobile is cutting off. I checked that overfill is on and set it to relative position. This seems to be a new problem, I didn’t touch it since the initial design but now it’s cutting off.

I also can’t find the correct state where my button turns pink, I’ve tried hover, pressed, focused etc.

Here is my read-only link: Webflow - Regal B Makeup

Any help on this would be very appreciated!

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I think I have similiar problem, and this right away in my first client project :sweat_smile:. If I find a solution I will let you know.

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Position set as static

You can give the whole Navbar Width: 100%. Also make menu buttone display: block instead of none. And then you can give all nav links the same class and make a text-center if you want. Make a whole nav symbol and put it on other pages. For the image make it cover or contain and it will look better.

It should look like that:

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Thank you so so so much! Do you know where I can change the color when the menu bar is pressed? It’s saying transparent and I can’t seem to find which element it is!

If I understood you right. You can select the menu button, go to the setting in the right panel, like in the image, and choose the show. It will show what it looks like when it is opened. Then style the menu button or nav background as you want it to look when it is open.

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