Hamburger Menu on Mobile

I am having trouble getting my menu on mobile to work correctly. There are a couple problems on two of my pages:

  1. Some pages the dropdown menu is transparent, other pages it is white, even though it is set to have a white background.
  2. When clicked on, the menu does not drop down.
  3. When dropped down (Not applicable for the website in which this functionality is present) the menu items are not clickable… the menu just closes again.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @Alice_DuBois Welcome to the community! :smiley:

It looks like the navbar was set to display:inline;. Remove that style to default it to block and you should be good to go:


Hope this helps

THANK YOU for your help!

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Good morning,

I’m having the same trouble Alice was having with my drop down menu showing a transparent background when it should have a white background, but only on one page (the press page).

I’ve checked and my nav bar is set to “block”.

I’ve also made my nav bar a symbol so it shouldn’t really be possible for it to have different setting on different pages, should it?

Thanks a million for any help!

Here’s my read-only link :