Hamburger Menu not responding to touch on iOS?

When I test the hamburger menu in preview mode on my computer with a mouse, it works as it should across tablet and mobile breakpoints. When I test it in preview on an iPad or iPhone, it doesn’t respond to touch. The page itself responds to touch on iOS, I can swipe up to bring the sections below the fold into the hero section. I can’t figure out if the hamburger menu can’t be tested with touch in preview mode or what is causing the problem? My page is not ready to be published yet so I can’t test the published page on iOS.

Here is the link: Webflow -

Thank you for any guidance!

Hi - It may not work in read-only mode. Have you published to the staging domain? This provides an environment to test/view on different browsers/devices before publishing to the production (live) domain.

Thanks Craig, good idea, but it looks like staging is only available to enterprise customers (which I am not). It would be great to have something like that to fully test the site before publishing it.

When I disabled the background video (embedded video in larger breakpoints and using background video element in mobile), I was able to get the hamburger menu to work in preview mode, not sure why it works when I disable/hide the background video.

(Even though it is a background video, at least in preview mode on mobile it behaves like a pop-up, can’t figure out why that’s happening either)

Hi Suzan - You do not need to be an enterprise customer to publish to the staging environment, it is available to all users. This may be the best method to test your issue in the first instance.

Ah, thanks Craig, I see it now, I’ll give it a try.

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Ensure that your hamburger menu is set to respond to touch events specifically, as some frameworks or implementations may rely on mouse events by default. Test the touch functionality on your iPad or iPhone to see if it works as expected.

This worked, thank you! (staging and testing)