[Resolved] Hamburger menu doesn't work on iPhone

Hi there,

Can’t find a solution for the hamburger menu to work on iPhone.

When I click on new page shows up the menu… but when you are at the page doesn’t show.

Webflow preview:

The hamburger is there… it’s located begin the drop list

Change nav-menu top margin to 97

see video

In the preview or at any browser on the desktop works fine.
But in the iPhone when you click in the hamburger menu doesn’t show up.

ok. I mis-understood the problem.

However… on my iphone (4s) I get a different result.

In portrait mode

  • the hamburger does display… but the drop down list never displays
  • off the right side of the screen so you cannot see it.

In landscape mode…it displays… but it’s positioned incorrectly.

not sure what’s causing it yet… still looking.

hopefully others will be able to help.

Note… in the designer (preview) the iphone mode display differently than on a phone.

ok. I’ve gone through in more detail.

You menus are a little confusing.

It seems… you have 2 navbars embedded within a navbar ?

1 for Desktop and tablets… the other for smart phones ?

You are making life much to difficult for yourself.

I would take your header-1 navbar and convert that into simple links…
and move it outside the navbar.

review: @cyberdave, @PixelGeek, @vincent

Thanks! Converting the first nav into simple links did the work.

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