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Hamburger dropdown menu interaction not working

Hi friends,

I’ve received great help from here, thank you so much, y’all.

But somehow I can’t get my hamburger dropdown menu to work on my site, I’ve adjusted the navbar setting but it is still doesn’t work. Can someone please help me to take a look?

Here is the link to my site

Here is my public share link:

Hi Yuyu,

Sometimes when you use interactions on the default Navbar Component they do not always work as intended. You may need to make your own NavBar and use interactions to achieve the result you want.

Were you after something like this?

Hi Keiran,

yes, very similar, only the text is center aligned and the effect is more like an overlay quickly appear instead of sliding from the top, but yes, it is the menu behavior that I am expecting.

Thank you so much!!


Great stuff. :+1:

All the best with your site.