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Text links not working

Hi, guys I have created a custom navigation bar with a custom menu. When I click the hamburger the menu opens up. The problem I am having is the text links on the menu are not working. I have tried recreating the menu many times in different ways. It appears every time I animate the navbar the text links stop working. I have tried without the overlay which is for an effect but still the same problem. I am new to webflow so I am still getting used to it. Can you please screen record and share the solution as I will be able to understand better. PLEASE help

I have shared 2 links below one to view in the web designer and the other just in the browser.

Here is my public share link:

Watch your Zs.
After a quick check I noticed you have Nav Men and Navbar1 the same. I did not check anything else. Also, you don’t have many active links which make the link inert. Put something i.e. inside to see if they are active.


Thanks the Z index was causing the problem. The overlay was set 100% as well as the nav menu which meant because it was transparent you could see the text but not click the links. Not all of them had links only some as shown in the picture above thanks for your help.