Hamburger Menu Animation

Hi, Very new to Webflow, we had our designer who knew webflow leave and we need to update some parts of our site. I’m having issues with the Hamburger navigation on the home page, I can’t seem to get it to toggle off. It’s always on.

It seems to be working on all of the other pages.

Any assistance would be appreciated

Thanks, Mark

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey Mark,

Looking through your site, it appears that you have created a new Home page?
The interaction that is set on the Hamburger Menu is still pointing to the original Home page elements.

If you update the interactions to point to the elements on the new Home page the interaction will work as intended.

Happy to go through with you if you need more direction.


Hi Keiran, thanks for that. I tried changing the interactions, but I couldn’t get it to work, not sure what I was doing wrong. if you could point in the right direction that would be good.


Hey Mark,

I’ll put a little video together to show you, otherwise probably end up being a long and convoluted forum post!


Hey Mark,

Looks like your preview link is no longer working??

Thanks that would be awesome

Thanks, working now.

Hey Mark,

See if this helps.

Thanks Keiran, that was great