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Hair Salon Site I put together

Hi guys,

A Hair Salon site I put together. Client very happy but always welcome some creating feedback!



Clean and elegant. Love the dark colour scheme.
Nice job :wink:

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Totally agree with Nita. Clean and elegant.
Love it :slight_smile:

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Elegant and sober! Nice fonts and colortones

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Looks good, very slick. My only suggestion would be to make the map “unscrollable”. When scrolling on mobile, once your thumb hits the map; it makes the map scroll and it’s difficult to move down past the map to the footer, unless you do a hard swipe to scroll past. But non-designers won’t do that, they’ll just get stuck in the map.

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Thanks everyone.

@Syndicate15 I will change this on mobile devices only perhaps!

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Wow this is truly breathtaking, such a clean website.

Would you be willing to share the preview link?

Hey @Chris_Reeves, awesome job on this. Love the minimalist look and the color palette. Great use of interactions too.

It may just be me, but the way that the “Get in Touch” section opens on scroll looks to me like it almost overlays the rest of the footer. Perhaps it’s just the styling.

Great site! How did you create the login functionality?

I am unsure what you mean?

I’m trying to create a login section of my website, like you have below: create acct or login with Facebook. Is this app or plugin?