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IT Lab - New project

After some time using Webflow, I thought… Well it is time to share a project…So, here it is.
This is a simple one page website for an IT Lab/computer repair services based in Lisbon, PT.

I’ve learned a lot with this community and some techniques were only possible by learning from those who have brilliant minds and years of experience.
So, as usual, your comments are more than welcome.

Link to webflow discover
Link to site

Hope you enjoy it!

Hi, looks good @nita_design, one suggestion I would make, is to give your header-contacts class a top margin equal to the height of the navbar, so all the content shows on load and is not partially hiddent by your fixed nav bar :smile:

I hope this helps :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

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Hi cyberdave,

I fixed that using z-index. Now the fixed nav only shows out of the header section.

Thanks so much for your the feedback.

@nita_design, Awesome, looks good :slight_smile: cheers, Dave

@nita_design Seems site is having som overflow problem on tablets with the fixed nav. Looks like the width of the fixed nav is going wrong.

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I’m having problems with that fixed nav… It is supposed to show only after the header section and hide again when scrolling back up.

For some weird reason, it does that, but when scrolling back up, it appears at the top of the page again…

Also thanks to @Joscreate for pointing the tablet issue.
I’ll take some time to check these out.

Both issues seem to be fixed now. Please let me know if you notice something wrong.
Thanks again.

Cheers :smile: