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H1 Class Feature Headline Issue

Hi guys - when I go into my site Smith & Jain Dentists - Dental Implants in Central Hong Kong
and inspect element and look at <h1 class=“feature-headline” section there is a bunch of bogus text: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elit. If you control-f in developer mode you will see what I mean. Any idea on how can I change this in the editor? I have also changed the header selected to all H1 headings but to no avail. Will this negatively affect my SEO please let me know thanks.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi - The ‘bogus’ text is lorem ipsum - which is commonly used as placeholder text for designers. It appears to be inside a hidden element. You can delete the element if it’s not required, or simply delete the text from inside the hidden element which will remove it from your source code.

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Hi @merkul204!

I see exactly what you mean! I found the “feature-headline” class and see the “Lorem ipsum” text. As Craig mentioned, this is meant to be placeholder text. Setting content to display: hidden will not remove it from the site’s code and can be read by search engines. It’s a good practice to remove any content that isn’t relevant to your site. Otherwise, search engines may find that page irrelevant.

You cannot change layout or styles from the Editor. If its parent element is set to display: hidden, I’m not sure if changing the heading is accessible from the Editor. The best way is to go into the Designer and remove it from there.