I want to differentiate H1 and Title but H1 shows up as title in SERP

I want to separate h1 and title, but when I filled in costom field with h1 , h1 tag shows up as title in SERP. Does anyone have any information on the subject? Many thanks…


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Hi @Ahmet_Karadeniz

In the page settings for your collection page, you will need to add the name field to your title in SEO Settings.

Here’s an example:

If you don’t do this, Google will choose your H1 as the title (which it still may choose to do so anyway).

All the best.


I don’t fully understand where the problem comes from. I just added the H1 field, but the H1 I changed appears in Google results and gives a “title changed” warning.


Is this problem causing from Webflow or Google? I just cancelled the custom field, because of this problem…

Ahmet, it looks like you’re in the wrong place. probably editing a collection item?
That Title is not shown anywhere, it’s only for your reference.

The custom fields… H1, etc, are used however your template binds them. You’d have to share your site design for us to see what it’s doing with that data.

If you’re wanting to affect SERPs you need to change your SEO settings, which are configured under your collection page settings, like @Smith-Cordell explained.