Grouping CMS Items (

Hi there!

I’ve trying to create a CMS layout similar to what does here: Product design

So having specific blog categories (e.g. Product Design), and then on a category CMS page grouping those blog articles based on their subcategories (e.g. edtech, fintech, etc.).

Is there any way to group them + place the header above each group, as they do?

Thank you!


The sub categories will be separate collection lists with those filters applied. The subcategory sections have an ID and linked using an anchor.

Thank you for your response! But there must be a way to group those subcategories dynamically, without having to create separate collection lists.

As of now I have the following structure:

  • A static Blog page containing all the categories. Each category links to the category CMS page.
  • On each category CMS page, I have all the subcategories (with the filter for the “current” category
  • The problem is, I can’t figure out how, on this last page I mention, to group them by subcategories and dynamically, with a heading for each of those subcategories.

Here’s my read only link, if that helps Webflow - SimpleTiger Rebuild

Thank you!!

Ok, I think I understand what you’re after. I believe you will need the top-level list to be the category and then use a nested list to show the posts in that category.

Then, to create the dynamic anchor link ID, you will have to follow this:

I haven’t tested this to know for sure but this is where I’d start.