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Grid Creating Extra Columns

Hey all,

Is anyone else experiencing the Grid creating extra, non removable columns? It’s really annoying because when I go to edit the Grid back down to the amount of columns I want - I can’t. This is only when editing the grid in Mobile. See here:

What is the “non-existing tracks” error? Also when I click the non existing columns in mobile view the entire editor goes blank and I have to reload the page.

@Waldo Thanks everyone.

  • Jordan

@dsgnr Can you please post your Read-Only Link?

This happened to me early today so I am trying to remember how I fixed it. I know one of my issues was that I was accidentally changing styles for a class on another page so that messed my grid up. It will help me to take a look at what you have going on :slight_smile:

@sarahdarr here you go

@dsgnr What page is the grid on?

It’s on the “Process” page

OK so on mobile your grid only technically has three columns…you can see that here in style panel when you edit your grid.

Buuuttt :slight_smile: You have content that is not contained within those three columns…see the strategy section:

If you move your content to only be contained into those three columns that should fix your issue.

You could even clean it up a bit more and put the icons in one column with a smaller FR and the content in the second column.

Please let me know if this helps or if you have any more questions.

That is the issue though - the 5 columns (2 extra columns) are pushing the content wrapper too far to the left. I cannot span the content wrapper to be contained into those columns.

Have you done this with any success? There is also a bug where the content is REALLY skinny, only contained in 1 column and I can’t have it span any more columns than that. Do you see this?

@dsgnr I took a quick screen grab of me fixing the issue as i described above.

Please let me know if this makes sense now.

Hey Sarah, that’s not really a solution…because it’s working WITH the bug and not solving it. Those 2 extra columns are breaking the whole design and settling for the content being in much skinnier columns… Check it out:

You know what - just figured it out. “Tracks” are apparently columns in Grid. So there was an element spanning into those 2 extra columns that were ghosted. I added the columns back in to rearrange then deleted them once they weren’t in use.

Thanks for taking a look though!

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@dsgnr I see what you are saying. You cannot expand into those columns because technically they do not exist. You can see that when you go to edit your grid in the style panel.

There are only three columns.

If you add in two more columns in grid edit mode you will be able to expand those out.

You dont really need five columns though. You really only need two on mobile and you can make them different sizes using the FRs at the tops of the columns.

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