Can't remove auto-generated rows and columns in my grid

Hello - I have created a grid with cards (using link blocks) which looks great on desktop and tablet view. When I try to delete columns in the mobile views, it won’t allow me stating there are auto generated columns and rows, which is not allowing me to display the grid contents on the mobile views like I want. How can I fix this?

I am experiencing this issue on the “masjids and islamic instituations” page

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I’m having the same issue. Grid has auto generated 486 rows in portrait mobile! The grid is working for all other displays. I tried switching all of the children to auto instead of manual, and that made a mess, then returned them back to manual, and now I have 486 rows that won’t delete. @webflow any insights?

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I made a completely new grid with div blocks and that fixed the issue.

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Hiiiiii, if any of your grid children have a span greater than your desired number of columns/rows you’ll wind up with auto-generated fields, despite all elements being set to position auto, because the grid is trying to accomodate that span. Double check those grid children my friends, hopfully this’ll save you some grey hairs.

This is an old post but for the benefit of new viewers, this is how I solved the problem:
Right-click on the extra row’s red row heading and select Delete from the context pop-up menu.

Absolute legend. Thanks.

My grid just shows a large blank space at the end of the section and nothing to select, I just solved it by double-checking different breakpoints and deleting blank generated rows in respective breakpoints.