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Cannot change grey box in responsive nav


I have customised the navigation widget and the only ting I can’t seem to do is change the grey box behind the responsive icon in the menu state when the responsive nav is visible.

On my site this is in use in two locations, on mobile for the main nav and all screen sizes for a second level nav drop down:

The image above illustrates the nav open on desktop screen width. I would like to be able to colour the icon and the background in this particular state but cannot find the the setting.

I can change the background colour when it is in the normal rest state from gray to transparent, but cannot find any reference to it being coloured gray in any other setting that might effect this “open” state. Also the grey is not visible when I hover over the box on mobile layouts and I cannot find the difference between them and the wider screen.

I am sure this must be a setting somewhere that I am overlooking… but just cant find it!

Any help would be appreciated:


Hey @johnsherwin

This might be a bug @cyberdave.

You can fix it by opening your nav bar in the settings panel. Then select the element with the class “Resposive nav Button” you will notice that the class “open” has been added.

Go down to the background section of the design panel and select it to be transparent. The bug is that it appears the default is transparent but it’s not.

Hope this helps


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Hi Alex, thanks for that, I had figured that the visible setting was not the actual setting when changing other elements of the widget so does seem like a little bug. I hadnt realised that you should click “open menu” in settings to select the “open” state elements, that worked perfectly.

Thanks for your help again!


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