Gradient Editor Bug Version 2

Hello webflow guys,

I would have posted this in the previous bug post but it seems to be closed. I now have all kinds of other issues related to background images and gradients that have always existed to some extent but are now major constant issues.

When switching between media queries, gradient layers do not respond. I then have to close chrome, open it back up and about 30% of the time it fixes it. So I am sitting here restarting chrome over and over in hopes that it will fix it. Sometimes it never does.

I also am now getting strange gradient differences from the editor at random times. It will look find in the editor and preview and then when I publish, the gradient is all messed up.

I am starting to get sick of this bug, I am a paying customer and this kind of problem completely stops my ability to design. I use gradients constantly for my design and they are absolutely essential for my work. Please put this on your priority list to fix because it has been going on far too long. I think you guys might have to start from the ground up with your gradient editor because it is always causing issues. It was fine back a year ago and never caused issues. Bring that back!!

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