Got problems with deign on my phone

Hello. I almost finished my first website, and I was very happy:) But i faced a couple of problems)
First and main for me is: In designer in web browser the phone version looks amaizing, but on the phone not. I edited and changed it couple of times, but it still give’s me same think - this annoyng spaces between text and end of section. Maybe it doestn supportmy phone resolution,its quite big. Nexus 6.
Second problem, my fixed backrounds on pc looks and stay fixed as they should and it is amazing, but on my phone doesnt:(
My last trouble, I cange the (phone nav bar) and changes dosnt work at all. When I try to change from horizontal to right side, it just doesnt react at all.
One more think, the email button on webflow website doesnt work:)
Thnx, and sorry for my bad english. it is not my native lng:) Hope I explined everything correctly. Many Thx
the website is:
Read link:

Hey @Vall_Rade the first things I would do is share your read only link to your designer.

The second would be to use Webflow’s canves resize function to see what your design looks like at the Nexus 6 screen resolution.


Alex, that’s, great Idea! I will try to play with resolutions) Thnx Alex?. The second question is: what do you mean “share with your designer”?))) I did the design)))
Many thnx)

I mean you can share a link to your design so that we can take a look.

Here is how you do it.

Thnx Alex, I will do it tomorrow.
I deleted the nav bar so don’t worry about it)))
But my issue with phone still doesn’t let me to sleep))) I’ve set up all phone resolutions, and now if it looks good at my phone, looks horrible at other with smaller screen:((

Hello Alex:)
Than you very much;)

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