Designer preview shows more on mobile view then I can see in reality


I have some troubles with my website and wanted to ask why I can not see the same on mobile view, then the preview shows me in the Designer? What I am doing wrong?
On a Computer or Notebook it works well but not on Mobile. Thank you very much for your inputs.


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Hi @Franz_Pfanner !

In mobile version, decrease the text size of your paragraph, 22px is the same size as desktop. You can for example switch to 16px.

You can also decrease your margins and use REM instead of PX.

Have a nice day !

Hi @zbrah

Wow, Awesome! That easy. :slight_smile:
But unfortunately the part with the emailadress on the bottom is not showing up. What is the root of that one? Because I used too many different height`s maybe?

Thanks a lot and I wish you also a really nice day.

You need to change the size of page elements on the mobile view. Right now you have them set to 100vh when they should be set to height=auto.

Hi @Port_of_Folio

Thanks a lot. I tried this one before but then everything is grey. So I thought this is the wring way. It looks like this when I set everything on the section “BG Video” to auto. Do you know why?

Got it! it is about the hero section only. Awesome. Now it works pretty well. Thank you very much. Can you just tell me why I needed to change the hero section and not the BG Video section? So I understand it for the future

The parent element will have an affect on the elements inside of it.
When I investigate further, you should also set the background video from “Absolute” to “Fixed”. This will keep the video in view while scrolling.