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HELP! Can't adjust the website for phone screen!

Please help! I’ve tried to set up my website for all phones, but it doesnt work:( It looks well only on one resolution), wnem I am switching from iphone 6 to lumia it looks horrible. After I set up small screen phones, the changes affects large resolution, when I start from large one’s, the changes affects small one. I have no idea what to do… I need my website adjusted for all reso:( PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!

Hi @Vall_Rade, do you have some info on what part of the site on lumia is not working correctly? Screenshots would help :slight_smile: I checked on iphone 6 and the site looked good:

Lumia 925 also looks ok to me:

Styles cascade from Desktop to mobile, so if you make a change to a Style in mobile, it will not affect Desktop. If you have a particular case where a change in mobile affected desktop, can you let me know, the exact style or element you are changing and what the unintended result is? Cheers,

Hello Dave. It doesnt affect the desktop version of the site, it affects phone version. As I adjust one resolution, it affects another. I tried to adjust all the resolutions for all the phones, from smaller screen to bigger, and also from bigger to smaller but it still gives me same issue. Changes on small screen resolutios give me issues on big one, and changes on big one give me issues on small one. Thereby my website can look good only on One or two resolutions. Only on big, or only on small screens.
Thank you.

Hi @Vall_Rade, thanks for the update. It looks like in mobile portrait, you have a fixed height set on the section2 class. I would set that to auto and see how things look after that. Right now, the content is growing beyond the section and the content that is overflowing, is visible.

After change, it should look more like this:

​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I’m happy to assist further! :slight_smile:


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