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Google Sitemap Error - HTTP Error 301

Hello Guys,

I am receiving this whenever I submit my webflow site to Google search console. Please help.
Sitemap is auto-generated using Webflow and I have disabled webflow subdomain .

Thanks in advance,


Hello Charan,

I have the same issue with Webflow.

@webflow team please help us to figure out what is the problem.


I just posted the same issue to the forum but happy to respons to your query: what I’ve found it that setting only one redirect in the project settings - hosting tab already messes up the Google search console.

Have you set up any redirects on your end?

My issue with the search console disappeared when I removed all 301 redirects in Webflow and appeared again when adding a new 301 redirect.

Seems to me that this is a technical issue and not something we can solve here I’m afraid.



I noticed this article:

// From SaintFG
Okay, I don’t know if my situation was exactly the same lol But I found out that if your default address is the naked domain (without the www.) Google doesnt like it and creates this weird 301 redirect error. Hope this helps

If the issue is with www. vs naked domains… Is the issue with Google? Or Webflow @WebflowCommunityTeam

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This worked for me , thanks !

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Thanks all,
It happens for general HTTP 301 redirection. Simply we have to select/fix the default domain that starts with Just select it, save it and publish it. Then you can resubmit your sitemap in the search console. After a while, you can see the sitemap status is “ok”. Thanks

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Ok, I have the same problem. I really have to stay with non-www option. I had that option for a long time and it’s bad for SEO to change it. Now I can’t submit my sitemap due to this 301 error. Please fix it @WebflowCommunityTeam

Uff, I’ve managed to solve it myself so I leave the solution here for others.
We forgot to update DNS settings with this change from www to root domain.
Here is how to do it:
It was not obvious, because there was no error in webflow panel after the change.