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Google Map issue

My Google Map renders correctly in Chrome (at lease when looking on my own computer), but it is rendering at the top of my page in other browsers (IE and Firefox)…Any ideas?

I’d also really like to have someone help me audit my work - I’m totally new to this and have invested about 50 hours so far…, but could really use a guru with some one-on-one to help me figure out a few things.

Here’s my public:

And here’s the published mock-up:


I think I may have figured it out…if it has to do with overflow??

map works correctly in Firefox.

I do webflow tutoring on the side if you need focused help.

Hi - Yes, I figured out my own issue with firefox/IE after some other forum reading and lots of trial and error.

I’m having another issue now for which I could use some help.

I’d like for an interaction to just affect the background colour, without affecting the font.

Here’s the live effect…and as you can see, when the opacity reduces on the overlaying colour, it also affects everything inside of the Div Block…

Here’s the public:

What am I doing wrong, or how should I be structuring this better (be gentle, I’m totally new to this!).