Why is Google Maps Expanding to cover the entire page when published?

Hi there!

I’m working on my very first webflow site and everything has gone fairly well except for an issue with inserting a google maps onto the site.

I have linked the API and it’s working from that side, but when I publish and view the site in a browser, the map balloons and takes over the entire page. Photo included to demonstrate what I mean.

I’ve tried changing the sections and div boxes I’ve put it in, but I just can’t rectify the issue.
Any help would be much appreciated!


Here is my site Read-Only: http://

Any thoughts? :frowning:

I’ve since set the z-value of the google maps frame to -1 and it has fixed the issue in terms of it no longer takes over the screen when published, but I can no longer interact with the map as a result, so maybe the problem is tied to something like that?