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Multiple Locations from the Google Maps / Snazzy Maps-topic

Continuing the discussion from Using Custom Google Map with Color Styles from Snazzy Maps:

Anyone got a clue how to add multiple locations from the “Google Map-using-the-Snazzy-Maps-themes”-topic (link to topic above)? Can I just double th e " var myLatLng = new google.maps.LatLng(61.743671, 17.124975);" ?

I ran across this builder which lets you custom your own map through handy dropdown and fields. And you can also choose any Snazzy Map theme you want to use. You can also add multiple locations. Supercool stuff!

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Looks nice but even when you put an api key, registered, with ID, you cn’t save anything… I lose my work all the time

Did you sign up for an account?
I did a map without signing up. But if that’s the case that you lose data even though you have an account…it’a a bit of a problem yes…

I did sign up and login, add my API key.

I was ready to declare this is a great tool and start a page referencing the great tools for webflow to use with, but I just can’t save anything (: Spent 20mn building a super great looking demo and… vanished (:

Could you test with a simple map too ?

Okay…I’ve created an account and my map is saved and editable again after I

  1. Created and saved the map
  2. Logged out
  3. Logged in again
  4. Went to the dashboard and opening my map to continue its customization.

Works with no problem for me!