Google ads rejecting my Webflow sites


I am having a similar issue, but I am trying to set ads up with a site I am linked to on Wordpress with the Webflow pages plugin. changing domain name is not an option

My ads are all being flagged as 404 page not found, but the page is clearly at that location.

did anyone figure out how to fix this?


to anyone who’s had this problem, I’ve just found a solution published on the plugins page:

hope this is helpful to anyone in the same baot as I was!

Having the same issue. Website is banned from Google Ads. Really sucks after all this work.

Vin maybe you could provide some more details so the problem can be investigated?

Just got my fresh Google Ads account suspended as well for Circumventing systems policy. Google Ads support is non of help and I have no clue what’s wrong. Maybe someone here solved the issue and could help me out.


What a waste of time it will be to move to Wordpress after getting everything ready in Webflow. :sob:

I have also had this problem recently with Circumventing systems and Malicious Software issues with Google Ads. Google have been no help with a solution to this point.

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I ran into this issue on multiple client accounts where sites were built with PPC in mind. Could not resolve it. Moved them all off Webflow and won’t ever add one back. Too much risk. I suspect is the boatload of crappy spammy “free sites” hosted on the platform that Google incorrectly associates with legitimate domain projects.

If anyone needs help migrating PPC projects feel free to tap me for pro services.

Thank you!

I guess WP it is if the current Ads appeal won’t go through.