Good ecommerce photography

Evening everyone.

Been trying to find good examples of ecommerce stores and photography that looks better than the usual run of the mill stuff.

Anyone got any good stores that they have seen recently that they would care to share along these lines? Would love to know what you’ve seen that would be a good reference!

Look forward to seeing your ideas.

…I’ve found the Fine Art America store to be the pinnacle for an ecommerce print photography store. An example (I picked randomly) is here:

Change the print size or the framing options and the images all update accordingly, so you can see how a different option would look like on your wall.

I built a very simple version of this for my website (it no longer exists because I stopped selling wall prints). But the problem with my version is that it wasn’t really scalable because I was creating versions of the images in photoshop first before uploading them.

I started working on a second version that would have worked much, much better and been more efficient, but I got bored making it and then abandoned it LOL.