Any running and great Webflow Ecommerce examples?


Is there any real running, great looking and more sophisticated Webflow Ecommerce site around for reference?

I really could not find much from Webflow and Google search.

Great question - ironically I have been looking for the same exact thing…

What’s is a sophisticated site in your opinion

What I can see are simple small shops, often with a few items only.

This is more sophisticated:

These are not:

Ok here is one site you have to decide if it’s good enught

The site is in service mode for the moment (i was faster then my customer)
To access the 2 options of the shop in service mode you have to use the menu.

Function description


Last Friday I went to a local restaurant to eat lunch. The restaurant is owned by a friend of me. He told me that he wanted a mobile app for his customers to give better service at his restaurant.

At the moment they have lunch every day at the restaurant, they also deliver lunch to companies and private persons each day. The food not sold will be packed into lunch boxes which can be bought at any time by the customers.

My friend said he wanted an app for private persons and companies to book delivery of lunches. At this time my brain started to build this eCommerce site with Webflow.

The system was built and deployed live I 6 days!


This site is built to work good in mobile devices. At the moment it has eCommerce functions and a few pages that will expand over tine.

The system has a system file (collection) where it’s possible to control 3 different setting.

  • The system is set in service mode
  • Delivery is open for sale
  • PicUp service of lunch boxes is open for sale

Setting 1 Changes the design on the start page by removing the quick buttons to buy delivery and PicUp. It also pops up a red box on top of the Delivery and PicUp page saying the system is in service mode. It also changes the check out page to pop up the same message on top of the page.

If service mode is set to NO following will apply:

Setting 2 If delivery is open the quick book button on the start page will be shown.

It will also show a green box at the top of the delivery page that it’s possible to book deliver the same day until 09:45 AM.

If delivery is closed the quick book button will not be shown at the start page. A red box will be displayed on top of the delivery page saying that you are free to book meals but they will not be delivered the same day but you can book meals for other days.

The delivery meals are all variant products with multiple options.

Setting 3 If PicUp is open the quick book button on the start page will be shown.

It will also show a green box at the top of the PicUp page that it’s possible to book PicUp (by the customer) the same day

If PicUp is closed the quick book button will not be shown at the start page. A red box will be displayed on top of the PicUp page saying that you are free to book PicUp but you have the Pick up the lunch box the nest day when the restaurant is open.

The PicUo meals are all non variant products

On the start page the system shows the menu for current week.

Number of items? 7 days a week, 3 – 4 dishes each day + lunch boxes that is about 50 product per week maintained thru todays menu, delivery and PicUp

The system uses Stripe (soon to come PayPal) Apple Pay works fantastic on the mobile.

Janne Wassberg

Any good references from Webflow team? @PixelGeek

… for demonstrating to the potential client that, in real life, Webflow is capable to handle a larger shop and is a good option!

I recently created a Webflow E Commerce website.

Although it does seem very hard to find good examples of successful Webflow E commerce sites! Even going through the “9 inspiring examples” blog post, half of them aren’t even working anymore.

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I’ve built 2 wf ecommerce sites that are still running and push the boundaries of webflow a bit :

L’intendance : a french zero waste grocery shop (around 400 products)

Or Gallia : a french beer company w/ custom pack functionality

TBH, Webflow ecommerce still has flaws compared to other ecommerce options out there… But when clients don’t want a site where you constantly need a fullstack dev but still want to be able to tweak things…

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Hey Dorian @pepperclip, awesome sites!

Quick question, how did you create that sidebar on the product page of L’intendance?
My client wants to do something similar but with 3 nested levels. I’ve been looking everywhere but couldn’t find a solution.