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GitHub & Webflow, how do you guys do it?

I’m fairly new to GitHub, and recently I just started to begin working with it to ease our app development efforts. But I’m very curious, how do you guys do it? I mean how’s your process flow currently? I’ll start with mine so at least everyone get the gist of what I’m talking about.

The situation
So some of us guys, a combination of designers and some developers have this idea about a certain web app, and we all get to work. Designers have little to no knowledge about GitHub, but proceeds to learn about how Masters, Branches and Commits works.

From the Designer’s front

  1. Every time a he/she completes a portion of the page designs, does the code export and downloads the zip file.
  2. Extracts the contents of the zip file and dumps it into the Git repository. Uses GitHub Desktop to make commits. All commits are done to their respective branches.

Currently this is pretty much how we do it, at least from the designer’s part. But I wonder anyone else of you could share or suggest better workflow. A step by step guide would be great, I’m looking to learn more how we could improve.

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