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Best Image Optimization Tools

I’ve noticed a few posts from our users mentioning image compression tools, so I thought I’d gather them here.

Save those KB’s!

Image Optimization Tools


@DFink For better PNG compression, especially with alpha channels you should check out ImageAlpha if you’re on Mac. If you’re on another OS, you can try these other alternatives:

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That’s Awesome!

I use jpegmini all the time and now I can shrink pngs! What??!!


@danro and @DFink, I’ve been extremely happy with as well. Haven’t compared sizes/results to either of the ones that @danro suggested yet, so they might be as good or better.

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I use Caesium for batch image compression. Just another alternative. I’m a image quality nut myself… and I’m quite satisfied with it.


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I am on mac, I use a program called “Quick and Dirty” and it works well to quickly resize or compress images. Another program I use for mac is called “Resize Sense” and it works good to when converting multiple images into multiple image sizes… both programs are brain dead easy to use, and cost I think less than $10.

One more online tool:


Not sure if it’s optimization, but is a great service for serving images fast, built by an ex-YouTube engineer. It clearly speeded up a site I tried it on. It’s a hosted image processing service. You upload an image once, and they render it responsive for each situation and serve it fast. Maybe Webflow could integrate with it somehow.

I just also found, but not sure which one is better.


My favourite site for this is
It is generally free but if you sign up for a plan with them you get more features and they’ll stay alive :stuck_out_tongue:

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Holy crap $250 a month!! Are you nuts??

I am trying so hard to find what this is about!!!

I’m on a low bandwidth plan that for my small site has been free up to now.

I am on mac too. I use iResize. It’s free and amazing.


imgix has now a new pricing plan:

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I found useful one more online service for compress PNG and JPG


On a Mac I use PhotoBulk.

Not sure if it’s “the best”… but it works well and it’s cheap.

Purchased from the App Store.

awesome, glad to find such tools, I often used Tinypng to compress images, but I wanna such program that can be used offline.

I’ve used Corel Draw now since ‘Corel 3’ (about 10 floppies). I’ve stuck with the ‘Corel Draw’ (Now X6) because I feel it’s very easy to use, intuitive and powerful. Their image manipulation tools are amazing. Pallet your PNG’s and save your profiles… and much, much more. Then again, If anyone has used anything for 25 years plus, your gona be fairly confident that it’s the right choice. I also tried Adobe but couldn’t get on with it.


I’ve used Tinypng, I found the image has resolution loss after compression. Resolution loss is inevitable?