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Publishing, File links & Auto Save

Hello WebFlow peeps!
I am a newbie here and just launched our first site last week. After conducting some training with my client a few very good questions were asked that I couldn’t answer & I couldn’t locate in the tutorials, soooo I’m shouting out to anyone that is willing to help :slight_smile:

  1. Can file links be created in Rich Text fields? I was sure I saw this was a new update? Our client would like to attached pdf’s to some text and I thought that when selecting to add a link that an option would appear to upload a file and attach. Is this not available? As the client is an Editor only, is there a work around?

  2. Publishing. Again, as the client is an Editor(s), can they just publish what they’ve edited on a page and not a whole site or what other Editors have changed? When selecting to Publish, we see the other changes but not option to not save them. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  3. As I was training them, they changed a page element by mistake but the site had auto saved their change and they couldn’t undo?! Can auto-save settings be adjusted?

Thanks in advance (& apologies if these are too obvious)


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No. As you can see, rich text fields do not have the attachment option.

No. Any site publish by designer or editor will publish all page changes made by anyone. The exception are collection items, those can be published individually IIRC.

No, once you navigate elsewhere, designer will have to rollback to a previous backup. So make changes only if they are confirmed/approved.

Thanks for replying so promptly.

I’m a little bemused how the rich text fields don’t support file uploads when it does to images?

With the auto-save, we didn’t navigate off the page, it saved it automatically whilst on the page then weren’t able to ‘undo’ the change.
I’ve learnt that leaving a page will save it automatically, wish there was a Save Changes option.

Need to find a work around the file attachment in rich text … any suggestions?

You can learn more about the Editor here

Have a collection field to contain a file attachment. Include the attached files at the end of the rich text like a footnote.