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Interview with Webflow co-founder, Bryant Chou!

Want to hear how Bryant found his way to making Webflow? Check out the video below =)


Nice chat!

Here’s Bryant celebrating his commercial helicopter licence:


Hey, this was a great interview with Bryant.

I’m blown away where I see Webflow going, Bryant, I like your energy, excitement, and the drive you have to change the world.

Webflow is a paradigm-shifting product that I believe will hit critical mass and change web design forever.

Keep up the great interviews @PixelGeek.


28 years old and creating some of the leading products in their markets. Wow. Bryant seems to be a down to earth guy! Great interview.

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thank you & will do! =D

he is! I’m truly honored that he agreed to come onto my youtube channel. a class act.

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Loved watching that. @PixelGeek are you hunting down the others at Webflow for interviews? Would love to watch that as well =D

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Hey WF crew! Who wants next?!


Hey man! Thanks for sharing this and thanks for Bryant for the interview :smile:

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