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General enquiry before getting company buy in

Hello good people!

I want to integrate animations exported from AE into our company’s existing sites. These would not usually be full page/microsite content but smaller frame enrichments to existing pages.

Can I work in webflow and target layers/objects from AE and apply web flow controls - then export code to be integrated into our website? Can it be customised by our dev’s to add functionality?

Imagine a timeline animation, that needs to be placed into a 700x500 lead image container on a blog, with clickable elements/keyframe sliders and all that good stuff.

Is it fully possible or partly with Webflow??

If someone could give some reassurances that this will work - it will save me learning javascript. (I am fine with using AE and producing animations through bodymovin and our company has a team of devs if needed to tweak anything after exported from webflow)

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