Animation and different triggers with Adobe AE + BodyMovin + Webflow?


I would like to know if one can create an animation in Adobe AE, export it with BodyMovin and then create the interaction in Webflow in such a way that the user can click in different points in the animation in order to show/hide pieces of text.

Something similar to this animation (attached screenshot) in

When you click any of the four dots, the corresponding text shows.

If it is not possible with Adobe AE + BodyMovin, is there another way to do it without coding?

Thanks a lot,



Hi Daniel,

There’s no need for AE in this case. You can create a similar interaction by using the dropdown element or even the tabs element :smiley:

Thank you, Aviv.

But I’m not sure I understand it well. First there is an animation: the line that extends from left to right, plus the dots that appear as the line extends. That is something that would need to be made in AE, right?

But once you export the animation, how do you tell webflow that each dot should be a trigger (upon click) to show the corresponding text?

Is there any tutorial online that shows this?

Thanks a lot again,


The line animation and the circles appear you can create with the native Webflow interactions.

Is there any online tutorial that shows something similar? Or at least somewhat similar?