Animation triggered by scrolling

Hello everyone, I’m trying to create an animated graphic novel on an interactive website, as a thesis project in a university of graphics and illustration.
In Adobe Muse, you can insert an animation in .oam format and decide to advance N animation frames every N scrolling pixel while visiting the web page. At this link an example made by me for another project, using Adobe Animate CC and Adobe Muse (sorry for the wrong sizing of the animation in the desktop version).
As you can see, there is a difference to the triggered webflow interactions, as the animated elements belong to a video with frames, not to the interactions of individual elements.
With Webflow I tried to insert the same page that I linked before in a div using custom code, it seemed to work, but then some problems were created between the scroll of the original page and the scroll of the inserted page.
I did some research and I thought that a good solution could be to use After Effect to create animations, export a .js with Bodymovin, via javascript assign the management of timeline by scrolling the page … maybe the reasoning is right …or maybe not? In any case I do not know where to start to do this, my knowledge of coding have just started … if anyone has any solutions or ideas about it let me know! Thanks so much