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Animation in Adobe XD or Webflow

Hi All,

Just want to find out with you all, because I am still very new to webflow.

How do we know whether the animation should prepare from Adobe XD first, or develop from webflow when the website design is confirmed at Adobe XD?

Kindly advise.

Thanks much!

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It’s completely up to you and your team or your client, or both. Just think about it thoroughly: do you really need to spend time creating animations before the actual development of your product? If you are making high fidelity prototype, then you are most likely are doing so because your client wants a huge complicated app, and by doing so you want to save up time for future development. I would start making animations in Webflow for most other websites that aren’t animations heavy. I mean it makes sense, at least resource-wise.

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Thanks for your clarification, fair enough also. I am the only one setting up a freelance web design and digital marketing solution all by myself, so I would plan my time wisely! :+1::+1::+1: Appreciated for your words.

Good luck, mate :+1:t2:

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