CookieBot breaks Webflow sites - can this be true?


I’ve installed the very popular cookie service Cookiebot, to make a user consent GPDR banner.
But it breaks the website.

It worked originally when I installed it on the staging site before publishing for real.

It loads the header and footer but everything else is blank:

It generates warnings but no errors:

Even after accepting cookies it persists.

I have BarbaJS page transitions installed, which means waiting for a second for the page content to load. The IX2 animation is set at opacity 0 and changes to opacity 100. I suspect Cookiebot blocks this somehow which is why the content is gone.

There is no way, though I can tell Cookiebot to allow these scripts to take action before user consent because they’re Webflow’s native scripts.

Also, Cookiebot wants me to put the Cookiebot script as the VERY first script in the head, but this isn’t possible as Webflow only allows me to put code “at the end of the tag:”.

------- TLDR: CookieBot breaks the native Webflow load interaction and I can’t tell it not to.

What I tried to solve it

  • I removed all my other custom scripts but the problem persists
  • I tried placing the script in the footer and on specific pages instead (CookieBot says it’s to be placed in the head)
  • I spoke to Cookiebot support but they tell me to manually add “type=“text/javascript” data-cookieconsent=“ignore”” to all tags that are vital for the website to function. But Webflow’s js stuff isn’t available to edit when hosting with Webflow


I hope there’s something I’m missing and Cookiebot is compatible with Webflow as we’ve purchased an annual plan.


Same thing is happening to me with Cookiebot, fyi

Does anyone have a solution to the Cookiebot issue?

Hi @jacquesuhlemann,

Their implementation guide states that you need to put their code in the head code, I’ve tried different cookie services in the general settings head code and never had any issue, never tried cookiebot though, but I don’t see how it should affect visuals on your website, this is quite weird.

You could also try to integrate it via Google Tag Manager see if it changes something.

Appart from that, if you don’t have success, ask for a refund and pick a different service. ( not the most pleasant way, I agree )

I use Cookiehub personally, never had an issue, takes 5 min to set up and integrate.

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Hey @ColibriMedia ,

I’ve only just looked at it. Looks like it’s a very good alternative to cookiebot. Thanks for your quick response.

PS: The integration with Google Tag Manager is even easier than with Cookiebot :wink:

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