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Gaps in my two column grid - help!

Hello! I have a 2 column grid and for some reason theyre not stacking properly and a space is appearing. Any ideas why?

does it happened on live site?

Yes, that screenshot is from the live site.

I was asking because this will happen only in a certain width and stay just 1 or 3 px. That’s totally fine if on devices breakpoints (measure below) will look fine. Anyhow, I believe that you can make it but you need to change the structure of this container. Instead of columns container, you can use div and from there are several ways how to manage these 6 logos inside.

  • as 2 wrappers with 3 links inside (option - 3 links in row / 3 links in column)
  • manage 6 links with flex (practical in this case)
  • manage 6 links with grid (more control) - IMHO not need in this case but why not :wink:

there is always 100 ways how to solve one problem.

But like I said if this glitch is happening only in a certain place between brakepoints but it looks ok on any screen (not between) you should be fine. If will be me I will try to fix it, but I also know that is not always possible or practical.