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Hi there,

please help the brother, I am pretty new to webflow and about to lose my mind. My problem is following: when you open the test site under the link bellow, yoll’ll find 3 sections. The first sections has pictures in each cell of grid and a div with text bellow it. If I resize my browser it behaves just as it should be: it resizes picture to some extent and then breakpoint etc etc.

Section 2 is grid with divs and only text inside. To maintain structure on the site (4x340px with 20px gap) I had to give each div 340px width and height. If I jump to tablet and or mobile mode it kind of works. But as soon as I try to resize browser: it gets complettelly crazy. Is it actually possible to have similiar behavior with these divs as in section 1? So they resize to some extent and next breakpoint etc? And why on earth is content of section 2 not being pushed by content of section 1 by resizing the browser?

In section 3 I have also grid with nested grid. By jumping to diffetent modi it works, but by resizing the browser at some point pictures are resized in it and then it jumps to next breaktpoint. Any idea how to avoid this behaviour?

Thanks in advance.

the first section overflows when too narrow. change the height to auto and set minHeight to 100vh

in the second section Div Block 66 has width and height that is not needed. The grid can take care of everything else

I don’t see something wrong unless you are looking for a different result in the 3rd section

I recorded a video so you can see what I see but I’m trying to find a way to upload it

PS I think I did it Screen Recording 2022-03-10 at 75206 PM on Vimeo

Vau, thanks a bunch Maria, going to look right into it. So basicaly I did everything so far right except setting the width and height in grid in section 2. Man, they say over and over less is better :slight_smile: Or something like that.

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haha yeah!
I’m a firm believer that if you have too many settings on too many elements you are creating a mess
(I learnt it the hard way :sweat_smile:)

Good job!!