Grid colums problem

I have started taking the Webflow 101 course for beginners, and I am currently following the design steps taught in the course. After creating a Section-Container-Div, I added 6 logos and then selected a layout grid. However, my div’s justified items are stretching, and I’m not sure what the problem is.
Before adding the image, the layout grid was stretching according to my container, but after adding the image, it is not stretching anymore.

Can someone please help me? I’m a beginner and still learning.

this is screenshot

Here is my site Read-Only:

hi @Meline_Martirosyan in your read only is 7 cols but 6 logos. Space is extra column. Just delete this column and all will work as expected.

Hi Stan, after deleting the 7th column, look in the image greed is not stretched, its not equal according to div grid.

hi @Meline_Martirosyan this is what I see.

thank you @Stan, the problem is solved