Gallery Page Issue

Dear Webflow (Community),

My task is to rebuild a website from Squarespace in Webflow. So far so good, except I stuck at the gallery page. How can I get this site in Webflow done, please:

I already tried to Google about this issue and search this forum:

  1. Having to add 150-200 lightboxes, add EACH image MANUALLY and furthermore having to change EACH lightbox media image AGAIN MANUALLY is just CRAZY!! Guys, you can’t be serious about this. Please point me another way.

  2. I briefly looked into CMS functionality as well, but again: I can’t add let’s say 30-40 images at a time AND I HAVE TO use the “Name” field which I don’t need. The ONLY way I would see being able to add many pictures at once is to upload them somewhere, get EACH picture url, put some nonsense for “Name” field and then paste all this in a CSV file. What the heck?

Until this is solved I can’t move our page from Squarespace to here. And I am almost done except this gallery issue which I never thought would be a problem. Please advise, thank you.


Here is my site Read-Only (page “Events”):

Unfortunately, nobody replied. I found this and it helped me: New tutorial: CMS Galleries made easy

Only one issue that is left with this hack and also another hack is the following: On my iPad the big image is not full size. It’s like 40% width of what it could be and therefore not much bigger than the thumbnail.

I have this issue on SOME iOS/iPad devices with Google Chrome AND Safari. I Recorded a video here:

Page showing in the video:
Read only link:

You may want to wait if you can for added functionality that will make this much easier