CMS Lightbox - solution for clients to add images

Hi guys!

I know this topic was mentioned somewhere on the forum but I still couldn’t fix my issue with the resources on the forum.

Long story short. There is a website of a nightclub. After each event client wants to add pictures from the event. I want to create 3 column grid with thumbnail image. After clicking on thumbnail image you will see lightbox with 20+ images from that event.

Now I don’t know what would be the best solution so client can add images easily. I could create 20+ image fields in CMS collection but I still can’t “tell” Webflow to show them in lightbox. From editor side client also can’t add images to lightbox.

Only solution I have is that I create this grid within CMS collection. I put lightbox to CMS item and use thumbnail image from collection. Then, from Designer I add images to each lightbox separately. I don’t like that option because I want client to be able to do it himself.

Do you know some third party solutions or I am missing something?

Michal Maciejewski

It’s hard to solve this by webflow

CMS Gallery wishlist (1702 votes):

Do you talk about this idea? (Under " Gallery with one preview image")

Yes that’s exactly what I meant. It’s good to hear that they are already working on this. I will try to find some other solution for now.

Thank you!

If you want help with fancyBox3 (I know this plugin very well. Great Plugin) - Send me private message. Anyway no way to upload bundle of images on webflow (Only one by one).

Her you find some more tricks (114 comments - very long post):