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Responsive Photo Gallery with Lightbox (Because it's 2020)

Hello Webflow users,

Before you read my question, please understand I have spent hours pouring over other similar topics here on the forum. None really answer my concern.

I was a former Squarespace user that switched to Webflow for the infinite customization. While I am happy to be able to make anything, I find it incredibly frustrating, bordeline upsetting, that one cannot SIMPLY create a photo gallery (masony grid style) that allows for a lightbox - and without the ‘extra-steppy-ness’ of using the CMS to add images.

I admittedly am new to CMS style layouts. I am brand new to Webflow as well. BUT for something as crucial, common, and most likely important to the vast majority of people - why is making a grid style gallery so difficult to achieve and not straight forward on this platform?

I ask that you forgive my ignorance with my newness to Webflow - perhaps I am not seeing something more simple right in front of me. Can someone with patience spare me a few moments to help me achieve what I’m looking for?

I dont have a project built currently. Here is a good example of the gallery I want to create:

Check this out. I made it pretty quickly using Text Columns.
Feel free to ask any doubts. I am gonna take the share link down in a while, let me know if you have seen it. :smiley:

You spent hours searching and never did a google search?

First result:

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Nice, I wasnt looking for this but wow that is a cool trick. Some more webflow functions for me to learn more about.

Thank Yall for the the help. In the end I discovered using Elfsight Gallery was the best option

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Hi Dustin_William,

Thanks for choosing Elfsight! If you need any questions or help, don’t hesitate to contact us - we’ll be happy to help!

Best regards,
Elfsight Team