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Gallary Slides not smooth sliding - with white in transition


need some help with my gallary slider. If you can see, during the transition between two pictures you can see a white backround filling from the body.

How can i fix this. I got this in all my galleries.

And how i could set that the gallery is loading first.

thanks for any help

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“Above fold” and videos - no really way to solve this (Beside using “hide on load” than show in fade when the DOM is ready). Improve the general speed of the site + compress the image also could improve a little this “flicker”.


For the start set your slider bg to transparent (Instead of gray)(Less conspicuous)


***This issue related only for the first time user see your site (Next time the cache version will load without the “flicker”).

i find a solution for that.
If you choosing under Slider Settings -> Animation type -> Fade over
than it looks much better and you don’t have this lag