Background flickers while scrolling



I have made this website and when I scroll down (fast) the background always flickers in white, this drives me crazy!
I think that it has to do whith the loading speed or something like this.

Can someone please take a look? The link is above.

Kind regards and Thank you!

Can someone please help?

Could you create a Loom explaining the issue? I tried to understand but no clue.

hi @Kaj_Friedmann IMO it is related to your comp specs (CPU, GPU) as when you remove both backgrounds on your body (1st color: main pinkish, 2nd: gradient) flickering doesn’t happened. When you scroll very fast your comp can have issue with recalculating. on my comp it happened only sometime on fast scroll after initial page load.

Hi @Stan Thank you very much for your message and help!
The problem is that I need a gradient background.
I also tested this with a single color (white background without the gradient) and the flickering does still appearres in white (which is not so problematic for me). But due to my need of the gradient background there is always a flickering in another color because you always have 2 backgrounds in webflow (normal + gradient). Do you know what I mean?

Thank you so much!

Hi @Bimbi of course thank you!

You have set two colors for your background.

CleanShot 2022-11-06 at 14.10.08

I’m not saying this is the reason for flickering but it may be. The reason for my opinion (CPU, GPU) is that you are experiencing this on regular basis I’m only some time and @Bimbi didn’t at all so IMO it is not related to WF but to HW that runs WF. :wink:

good luck

EDIT: I have now run test on my traveling macbook Air (2017) macOS 12.6 Monterey and didn’t have any flickering at all. My first test (occasional flickering ) was on my current workstation mac mini 2012 macOS 10.15.7 Catalina.

So my conclusion is that flickering you are experiencing is most probably related to hardware you use.

Yes you are right it is currently set on two backgrounds but If I turn Number 1 on transparent the flickering still appearce (I can not turn of Number 1 in webflow and I only can create a gradient with Number 2, so I always have to use “2 backgrounds” per default). If I would change number 1 to red, the flickering would be red.

I also had the assumption with the hardware performance but I also tested it with an Macbook 2021 M1 Max at the Apple Store and It still appearce. So I think it is a webflow thing.

I also tried to used a section and a container to give it a better structure but nothing changed.

Thank you again for your time!