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Fullpage.js issue on custom domain


I have been following this tutorial to add fullpage.js to my website. It works magic when published on webflow, but for some reason does not work when I publish to my custom domain.

Does anyone have an idea why might that be? The domain is from GoDaddy, used with G Suite.

Thanks a ton, I am so close to having my perfect website, just this bit missing to perfection!

Maybe the domain block the asset (Not secure). Why you dont use the official fullpage.js cdns?

insecure script Error:

Not secure


Console error:



or by jsdelivr:

out of topic:

use Minify Resources .min:


<script src=""></script>
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Oh I see. I just copied the code from the tutorial along with that link. Thanks so much for this, it works now with the official cnds thing!

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