Fullpage.js has stopped working on Webflow sites!

Hi everyone

It seems that fullpage.js has stopped working on Webflow sites. It was working fine on the site I am building yesterday, but isn’t today. I checked other sites on the Showcase, and it doesn’t seem to be working on any of them??


Same problem here, even on my exported website that is hosted elsewhere! Client is not happy…

Created an issue for this on Github. Hopefully it gets resolved soon, my client has a ticket shop connected that is not reachable right now because of this.

Hi, I have received a support message from fullpage.js.

There has been an update, use the previous version of the script found at https://unpkg.com/fullpage.js@3.1.2/dist/fullpage.min.js instead.
Until the bugs in the new update have been fixed.

When using a CDN you should never use a link that automatically gets the latest version for it.
You want a CDN link for a specific version of the library.

There might be breaking changes from version to version and this is one of those cases.

You are using this CDN link:

Which gets then transformed into the latest version:

Instead, use the latest version of the major version 3 you were using when you created the page:

This way you’ll avoid issues when there are breaking changes.
If you want to update to fullPage.js 4 you’ll need to first read the migration guidelines in case any of these affect you:

And get a new license (as the previous one won’t be valid for version 4)

I hope this clarifies it for you! :wink:


Hi Alvaro, thank you for the clarification! I think we used a version of the Webflow project as base to complete our sites, which had the CDN with the latest version.
What is the advantage over V3 with V4? I have bought a license about a month ago so not really looking to update right now.

What is the advantage over V3 with V4? I have bought a license about a month ago so not really looking to update right now.

Mainly plenty of bugs fixed and new features people was waiting for :slight_smile:

See the changes and new features here:

And the whole list of changes including bug fixes here:

More on this issue on the help center: