Fullpage and scrollable text

Hi there,

I’ve undertaken all the tips I can see on the forum to get a text section scrollable with fullpage.js but to no avail.

I’ve added the below code along with linking in scrolloverflow.min.js

normalScrollElements: ‘.OverlayText’,
scrollOverflow: true,

What am I missing? @Alvaro_Trigo

Please note it is just the mobile version of the website this is to apply to:

Hi @kiwiland

Those options have totally different purposes.
If you just need scrollable content within a section, you should only be using scrollOverflow:true.
You’ll also have to make sure to include the requiered file as detailed in the the fullpage.js documentation

  • scrollOverflow : (default false ) defines whether or not to create a scroll for the section/slide in case its content is bigger than the height of it. When set to true , your content will be wrapped by the plugin. Consider using delegation or load your other scripts in the afterRender callback. In case of setting it to true , it requires the vendor library scrolloverflow.min.js . This file has to be loaded before the fullPage.js plugin, but after jQuery ( in case of using it). For example:

<script type="text/javascript" src="vendors/scrolloverflow.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="fullpage.js"></script>

I can’t see fullPage.js working in the link you provide, so I would recommend you to take a look at my project or even clone it and take it as a starting point:

Thanks for your help as always Alvaro, hugely appreciated.

I have done that and still can’t get it working at all. The text in a div doesn’t scroll even though it will on preview mode (so when fullpage not in action). On the link I sent, fullpage is only for the mobile version of the website and fullpage itself is working.

This is what I have in the “Before tag” of the page:

Best thing I can do is point you to the scrollOverflow example file that comes with fullpage.js:

There you can see it working and you can see the files and configuration required for it to work.

If you still have issues and need further support, please consider getting the Organization license to obtain premium support.