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Fullpage.js scrollable section/div?

Hi team,

I’ve been tinkering all day and with no success.
I want to disable the fullpage.js scroll after the first slide on this page:
So just a regular page after the first slide going down.

:sos: help please!
I’m not sure what code I’m meant to be initialising.


Hi, the answer is, I believe, to activate scrolloverflow

Thanks vincent I think that is the answer.

Can you please tell me what needs to be done on Webflow to make it happen?
Do I need to name my div or section a certain class name?
What do I add into custom code to activate it just for the section we want?

I’m sorry, not at the moment. I’m not a coder and not super skilled in JS, I tried to put that in action in order to help you but I’d have to spend much more time on it. I plan to release a complete Webflow demo for that but at the moment I need my time to concentrate on work. very sorry.

What you want is this